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It's always 4:20 at RMC!



Our Story

Rocky Mountain Cannabis was established in 2019 with one mission: to bring a High-Quality Herb Shop to the Rocky Mountain House area. Our passion for excellence inspired us in the beginning and continues to drive us today. We pride ourselves on offering a superior shopping experience and long-term relationships which we’ve built along the way with our customers. Pay us a visit and try for yourself!


We offer a wide variety to cater to many different niches.

Percentages are not generally listed as they can change weekly. 

We sell products from:

00 Space Weed, 18 Twelve, 1964 Organic, 48North, 7Arcres, Aurora (Drift), BC Green (Castle Rock Farms), Broken Coast, Boaz Craft, Bzam, Canaca, Canna Farms, Citizen Stash, Delta 9, Divvy, Dosecann, Dunn, DynaThrive (DynaDream, DynaThrive Pro), Edison, Edgewood (GOOD WEED) / (HeadTop), Emerald Health (SYNC), Frazer Valley BC, Fireside, General Admission, Good Buds, Good Supply, The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD, Highly Dutch), Greenseal, Greybeard, Hexo (Hiway), Jonny Chronic (Jonny Economy), JOI Botanicals, Kolab Projects (Back Forty, Foray), Latitude, Liiv, LivRelief, Medipharms (Northbound), Namaste (RE-UP), Natural History, Ness (Table Top), NightNight (DayDay), Noon & Night, Nūance, Original Stash, Ovis, Palm Gardens (Lets Be Buds), Parcel, Parkland Flower, Papa's Herb, Peace Naturals, Poolboy, Popcorn, Proofly, Pure Sunfarms, Qwest (Blendcraft), RIFF, Simply Bare Organic (Homestead), Sitka Weedworks (Greenade, HYTN, Sitka Micro), Solei, Space Race, Spinach (Feelz, Sourz), Stewart Farms, Sticky Greens, Stigma Grow (Dab Bods, High Priestess), Sunshower, Symbl, Tantalus Labs, Tidal, Top Leaf (Grasslands, Sundial, Palmetto), Tunaaaroom (TRX), Tweed (Doja, Twd, Quatreau), Verse (Contraband, Versus) Vertical, Wabi Sabi, WANA (Wana Quick), Weed Me, Wildflower

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